The story of where my journey began with my sister's passing...

My own spiritual journey

I embarked on my own spiritual journey just over five years ago after a close family member passed over. I was on a mission to discover where our souls journey onto.   After all of my extensive research over the years, I would like to relay my experiences for people who are looking for an alternative way of ‘being’ but also for those who have lost someone close to give reassurance that they really are around us all the time.

My sister passed at the age of 40, she had a history of mental illness from the age of sixteen and hadn’t lived a very happy life, this included suffering with schizophrenia, paranoia, bulimia, anorexia, self-harming, overdosing and much much more. In the latter years of her life, she weighed very little, her hair was very thin and wispy, her skin mottled and she suffered common ailments often, as her immune system couldn’t combat the germs and viruses in the air as it was very fragile and weak. She almost certainly at the end, played a major part in the declining final years of her life in that her frail body couldn’t cope with the stress and strains of everyday life and her will to fight on diminished.

When that happened it didn’t prepare me for the host of emotions that play a part of that experience. Bewilderment, anger, guilt and sorrow are only a few of the feelings that coursed through my veins. I knew that I had to find solace, not just for myself, but if I researched into what I could about the afterlife, then maybe I could relay that to other members of my family affected by our loss and help ease their torment too.

I scanned well-known bookstores for related topics. I started with the easier to assimilate books where likeminded people had received messages from their loved ones through professional mediums, namely, TJ Higgs, Derek Acorah, and Tony Stockwell to name a few. This gave me a glimmer of hope that so many accounts from so many people, couldn’t be false, and although there were differences in styles the underlying messages had similarities which made it all the more feasible.

These books finally lead me to make an appointment with a well known medium, Nicky Alan, and I was astounded when not only did she confirm that my sister was communicating with her, some of the things that the medium relayed to me, she couldn’t possibly have known. She regaled me with tales about our childhood, secrets that only Claire and I would have known, and further, she was able to tell me what I had been doing recently, which added to my belief that she is never far away.

 I have since had a few appointments with Nicky, or, more appropriately, appointments to speak with my sister! Each session she has grown stronger and happier. It is such an immense weight lifted. I have learnt so much, I am delighted for Claire, she is so much happier on the spiritual plane, her health is back to 100%, her hair is glossy once again, but more importantly, she has reverted to the garrulous, mischievous, energetic person she once was.

 Of course, we would love her back with all our hearts, but why bring her back to the way she was, I would rather her be where she is where she has finally found happiness and peace and in doing so, she has finally made me find the same.

(This story was made into a three minute documentary and aired on Sky Real Lives in 2010. It can be found on the pinboard here under achievements).

I investigated various facts about the afterlife as well as immersing myself into meditations, mediumship, tarot and more recently a soul midwifery course. I have witnessed physical trance, astral projection and experienced the affects of the Iboga plant!

It is about these experiences that I will write about in future blogs. Some of the experiences were phenomenal, some very helpful and a couple of others that simply weren’t for me at the time. They all however, were very insightful and great learning experiences.

Emma x

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