Emma Rowlatt Meditation

Enter Emma's unique, powerful world of meditation. With regular practice it will assist in stimulating a stronger capacity for confidence, motivation and happiness.

PLEASE NOTE: Meditation can be a powerful tool for personal growth, however, it is not designed to replace medical treatment.

Meditation tracks available for download

  • Energise and Motivate

    Energise and Motivate

    Available for download

    Energise and Motivate
    The aim of this meditation
    is to assist in stimulating
    your senses and energy levels.
    This will help you focus on
    your achievements and fill you
    with inspiration and confidence.
    Download instore »
  • Promote a Deep Sleep

    Promote a Deep Sleep

    Available for download

    Promote a Deep Sleep
    This meditation aims to
    help promote a good
    night of deep sleep to enable
    you to feel refreshed and
    invigorated by restoring
    a state of equanimity.
    Download instore »
  • Powerful Healing Guidance

    Powerful Healing Guidance

    Available for download

    Powerful Healing Guidance
    The aim of this meditation
    is to provide you with
    universal healing energy
    to help eliminate physical
    discomfort and eradicate
    negative cells in your body.
    Download instore »

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Welcome to my new series of meditations. I hope that they give you as much mindfulness, peace and happiness as they have done for me. If you would like to get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


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