Meditation - Energise and Motivate CD

Energise and Motivate

MP3 Audio download - There are times when a ‘quick injection’ of energy is required to revitalise us when working towards an urgent deadline. A boost of energy to help when feeling under the weather or following a burn out. This energising and motivational meditation is an effective way to give yourself a metaphorical 'shot in the arm' of powerful energy, to help you feel totally uplifted, providing you the surge of vitality you need…..without the side effects.

Running time: 15:00 - Price: £4.99

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Meditation - Promote a deep sleep  CD

Promote a deep sleep

MP3 Audio download - Our lives are becoming busier and more stressful than ever resulting in problems with sleeping patterns. Whether it in the workplace, a stressful situation, or a combination of both, this interferes with the body’s natural ability to allow it the relaxation it needs. This guided sleep meditation will use powerful suggestions that will transmit to your subconscious assisting in a self-hypnosis technique that will help relax you, transitioning your mind into a soothing sleep state.

Running time: 24:00 - Price : £6.99

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Meditation - Powerful Healing Guidance CD

Powerful Healing Guidance

MP3 Audio download - This guided healing meditation provides your mind with a powerful visualisation to assist in the healing of your immune system. This directional healing aims to focus on your physical being and will help present a green light to aid your body’s self healing and stimulate your cells into action. It will also provide you with a narrative of powerful imagery, demonstrating that you are in control of your body and its deficiencies – and not vice versa.

Running time: 22:50 - Price: £6.99

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Meditation -  CD coming soon

New Titles Coming Soon...

Meeting your spirit guide

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